Federal Savings Bank Crew!  We missed a few guys here as they were working off site!

Sun Life Crew!

Volunteer Opportunities

Huge Thanks to Federal Savings Bank, Sun Life and Goss International for volunteering at our project on United Way's Day of Caring on September 13,2017!  Due to the many hands we had on deck we were able to clean out and organize our barn (Federal Savings Bank), Clean up our yard and do some badly needed Landscaping (Goss International and paint our kitchen, living room and dining room! (Sun Life)  I can't say enough about the work that they all did!  Our Yard looks amazing thanks to Goss International!  Our barn looks awesome thanks to Federal Savings Bank and our living room kitchen and dining room looks amazing thanks to Sun Life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Here are a few pics of our workers!  A special thanks goes out to Brenda Watts of Women in Motion for the 15 gallons of paint she donated to make some of this work possible!

The My Friend's Place Needs (wish list):

  • twin size bedding, extra long twin size bedding, bath towels, face cloths, hand towels, kitchen towels
  • cleaning products including but not limited to floor cleaner, window cleaner, all purpose cleaners, high efficiency laundry, dish soap, dishwasher pods
  • Milk, Bread, eggs, Margarine, coffee, sugar, meats, fruits, vegetables, etc.
  • non latex surgical gloves, medical face masks, 4 oz disposable cups
  • Personal hygiene products, and (new only) socks, (new or gently used) sweat pants, t-shirts and sweatshirts for men, women and children

​​Donations can be dropped off anytime (no other clothing please, we do not have the storage capacity, sorry!) 

Goss International Crew!

My Friend's Place offers many opportunities to give back!  Whether you want to do give us a couple of hours once a month, once a week or somewhere in between, we can accommodate your needs.  If you have a green thumb or like paperwork we have the volunteer opportunity for you!  Please email our Executive Director at sford@myfriendsplacenh.org

Below is a listing of just a few of the things we need.

Regular ongoing opportunities:

  • We host a weekly bingo fundraiser on Wednesday nights at Seacoast Bingo in Somersworth, we are in need of volunteers here.  Our bingo fundraiser makes up almost one third of our overall budget.  We have four teams so you choose once a week or once a month, for two hours or more.  Jobs include ticket sales, paper sales, calling back bingo's, or even calling the bingo game!  Don't let the word sales fool you, the players know what they want!
  • We are currently looking to add a volunteer to the front office to assist with answering the phones, greeting visitors, some light paperwork like putting admit packets together etc.
  • Mowing the lawn, weeding our many flower gardens, trimming the bushes.

Short term Projects

  • ​We have several areas in the shelter that need some attention with painting or sprucing up

My Friends Place Events

My Friend's Place

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